Artist Statement

   My art is my interpretation of realism. I mainly paint with pastels for their richness of color. My compositions can be images from landscapes, scenes, or interesting still lifes,  As I slowly lose the ability to see light and color in the real world due to my retinal disease, that is exactly what I try to experiment with and interpret in my artwork. My vision loss may make drawing more challenging, but it also makes for an interesting artistic journey. I sometimes feel that my painting process is becoming less technical and more spiritual.  I strongly believe that creativity is an important healing tool and we all have the ability to create.
Recent Achievements:
  • I was highlighted in the Wild Onion (summer 2016), quarterly newsletter for the  Chicago Pastel Painters Society
  • I have been juried in for the Passionate Focus art exhibit in Chicago, IL for the last 4 years.
  • I have been juried in for the Shared Visions art exhibit in Fullerton, CA for the last 4 consecutive years.
  • My painting, Dream Under a Desert Sky, was highlighted in the National Geographic blog: Phenomena: Only Human, posted on February 27, 2014
  • I introduced and facilitated creativity/art therapy workshops at Second Sense blind services organization in 2013

I am a member of:
* Museum of the Art Institute of Chicago
* Chicago Pastel Painters
* LaGrange Art League

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